MAP Petite Maison is a sophisticated cocktail bar with a premium range of spirits and a meticulous blend of cocktails & art, music & tapas. There is something very exciting about watching a mixologist stir up delicious concoctions. What often appears effortlessly and improvised is actually consistent focus and devotion to the craft of mixology.

Cocktails are our pursuit; we love them and we want our guests to experience not only the taste but the skill, care and love that goes into making them. The love that underpins the creation of the venue and the devotion to spirits and cocktail making makes MAP Petite Maison a unique experimental cocktail bar.

We have an extensive list of spirits from all over the world with a great selection of premium whisky, rum and gin. Our cocktail menu offers both classic as well as experimental cocktails created by exceptional mixologists.

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Working with Macallan

We have a long standing relationship with Macallan in the UK and following the successful collaboration with them and MAP Maison London, we are now extending it to MAP Petite Maison in Stockholm. 
We love the fact that the creation of The Macallan draws on the vital contributing influences of Spain, North America and Scotland - and of their respective natural raw materials, combined with traditional methods and craftsmanship.


Exclusive Whisky Masterclass